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✔ Vote For Mansetti's Pizza & Pasta

Vote for Mansetti's Shoreview:

A Shoreview Press nominee for BEST Italian Restaurant, BEST Pizza, BEST Lasagna

As the Shoreview Press prepares to honor the finest culinary establishments in town, one name rises above the rest - Mansetti's Shoreview. Known for its unwavering commitment to quality, authentic flavors, and culinary expertise, Mansetti's has become a cherished destination for pizza enthusiasts, Italian food lovers, and those seeking the ultimate lasagna experience. Voting for Mansetti's Shoreview as the Shoreview Press Best Pizza, Best Italian Restaurant, and Best Lasagna is an absolute must, and here's why. By casting your vote for Mansetti's Shoreview, you not only recognize their remarkable achievements but also contribute to celebrating the true essence of culinary mastery in Shoreview. Our exceptional pizzas, authentic Italian cuisine, and unmatched lasagna experience make us a deserving contender for the Best Pizza, Best Italian Restaurant, and Best Lasagna titles. Please vote for Mansetti's Pizza & Pasta Shoreview!

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