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Shoreview Press 2023 Winner Best Pizza, Best Lasagna, Best Italian Restaurant

Updated: Jan 11

Shoreview Press Winner 2023 BEST Pizza | BEST Lasagna | BEST Italian Restaurant

In the charming town of Shoreview, Minnesota, Mansetti's Pizza and Pasta has proudly claimed the titles of "Best Place for Pizza," "Best Place for Lasagna," and "Best Italian Restaurant" in the 2023 awards given by the Shoreview Press. This trio of awards highlights Mansetti's commitment to being a top-notch destination for delicious Italian dishes and solidifies its reputation as the go-to spot for great food in the area.

Let's start with Mansetti's winning title of "Best Place for Pizza." What makes Mansetti's pizza special is how they turn a simple dish into something amazing. Their secret lies in crafting the perfect pizza – from the homemade dough and tasty pizza sauce to the variety of fresh toppings. Mansetti's pizzas are like a flavor party that delights everyone's taste buds. The awards for the "Best Place for Pizza" show that Mansetti's has truly mastered the art of making fantastic pizzas that people love.

Moving on to the second award, Mansetti's was recognized as the "Best Place for Lasagna." This award speaks to Mansetti's dedication to keeping the authentic flavors of Italian food alive. Mansetti's lasagna is a delicious combination of pasta, flavorful meat sauce, and creamy ricotta cheese. Each bite takes you on a journey through the delicious tastes of Italy. The award acknowledges Mansetti's skill in using the best ingredients to create a lasagna that stands out and captures the essence of Italian cuisine.

Lastly, Mansetti's received the title of "Best Italian Restaurant." This award is a nod to Mansetti's ability to offer a broad range of mouth-watering Italian dishes. It's not just about one amazing dish; it's about the whole experience – the welcoming atmosphere, friendly service, and the versatility of the menu suitable for any occasion. Mansetti's isn't just a place to eat; it's a place to enjoy and savor the diverse flavors of Italy.

What makes Mansetti's "Simply The Best" in Shoreview, MN? It's a combination of their dedication to making excellent food, using the best ingredients, and creating an inviting space for people to enjoy. Mansetti's has become a community favorite not only for its outstanding pizza, lasagna, and Italian dishes but also for its ability to bring people together over good food.

In summary, Mansetti's Pizza and Pasta's three awards from the Shoreview Press in 2023 highlight their commitment to being the best in Shoreview, Minnesota. Whether you're craving pizza, lasagna, or a delightful Italian meal, Mansetti's has proven itself to be a place where great food and a welcoming atmosphere come together. As the community continues to appreciate the flavors that make Mansetti's stand out, the restaurant remains a symbol of culinary excellence and a place where people can enjoy the simple joy of good food.

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